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Top 20 Digital Marketing Blogs to Read in 2020

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

February 25 | Blogging, Digital Marketing| Fotis Voudouris

Be it a change in Google’s algorithm affecting your SEO, a Facebook update that renders chatbots harder to use or a tool that just came out which can change your content distribution strategy, you have to keep up with the changes.

Thankfully, there are many digital marketing blogs out there that do research and write content so you know what’s up.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 Digital Marketing blogs you should pay a click in 2020.

First on our list is Ahrefs. Through its blog, one can easily find tutorials about SEO basics and tools, keyword research, link building and much more. You can also read opinion pieces or case studies by industry experts or marketing practitioners.

Use their blog to improve your SEO skills, read complete Link Building guides and keyword researching.

Favorite Ahrefs article: “9 Free Keyword Research Tools”

If your main interest is SEO, then you’ll love the Moz blog. It’s considered by many a must-visit place if you want to improve your SEO and online marketing skills. Moz has been consistent in releasing articles that help you level up on digital marketing. Moreover, it has created SEO tools, some of which are free.

The formerly known SEOMoz was, is and if it continues at the same pace probably will be the top destination for SEO practitioners globally.

Favorite Moz article: “The 60 Best Free SEO Tools”

It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. HubSpot is a great source of information for those who are on marketing, sales and customer service. Moreover, its digital library consists of various Ebooks and guides.

Their content always stays “fresh” with updates on the latest events in the digital world. If you’re planning to develop your inbound strategies, HubSpot is the place to go.

GrowthRocks was founded in 2014. Their growth hacking abilities have helped start-up companies achieve rapid growth. Furthermore, well-established companies maintain their dominance in the marketing scene thanks to them. Hence why their blog is a destination for growth hackers all over the globe. I swear I’m not biased.

Find articles about growth hacking courses or step-by-step guides the agency has tested so far.

CopyHackers mainly deals with promotional writing. As the name suggests, it’s mostly visited by copywriters. Joanna Wiebe created it in 2004. The blog has maintained a great success in boosting website and email conversion rates.

The “Home of Conversion Writing” is a great source for any level of information on copywriting techniques, tips and guides.

The C&C blog is covering topics from content marketing to customer experience. It’s the perfect stop to learn about digital advertising. Their articles are simple but not simplistic.  And they are also getting straight to the point.

Their outside the box thinking is what draws more and more people in their blog. To quote C&C’s founder, we already know the ‘what’ and ‘how’ on digital marketing. He promises to deliver us the ‘why’ and ‘whether’.

As the name suggests, it was created by the co-founder of Crazy Egg. Neil Patel Digital (formerly known as Kissmetrics) is considered one of the most visited digital marketing blogs out there.

Patel’s blog is a goldmine of information. It’s the perfect place to find SEO, email marketing and content marketing guides.

Don’t let the name deceive you. Search Engine Journal is more than just an SEO blog. You’ll find in-depth articles about Paid Search, Content Marketing and social media as well.  Additionally, you can find the latest updates to search engine algorithms and SEO information.

It averages 900K visitors per month. Moreover, they have a wide collection of interviews and guides from marketing experts. If your agenda is “work smarter, not harder”, then you should follow SEJ’s blog.

Orbit Media Studios is a web design and development studio. Orbit’s blog has a top-notch team and guest blogger roster to advise you on a variety of topics. You can find a bunch of tips for website designs. Furthermore, you can get help on marketing your website and turning it into a conversion rate machine.

One of the few digital marketing blogs out there with a clear Content Marketing direction. CMI has mastered the teaching of content strategies through their articles. They have covered the subject more than any other blog. They even started branching out to different types of content, like storytelling and best practices on blogging. In addition, it has been releasing articles featuring speakers in their live events as well. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mark Hamill and Tina Fey are some of the speakers you’re going to find.

The Buffer blog has a rich history of content based on social media marketing. It offers a wide collection of insight not only into online marketing but content marketing and social media as well.

Their hard work on guiding their customers to build successful brands and grow their businesses on social media. is what makes them one of the best Social Media Marketing blogs out there.

The face behind Backlinko is Brian Dean, the internationally recognized SEO expert. It focuses on teaching marketers how to grow their businesses rapidly with clever SEO strategies.

It’s constantly updated with SEO techniques that teach you everything related to the topic. Backlinko is also a source of information for creating high-quality content and search engine optimizations to boost up your websites.

A spot on lists about top digital marketing blogs is always reserved for CognitiveSEO’s blog. Many blogs named it as one of the best digital marketing blogs out there. It’s no coincidence that most Google searches on digital marketing will feature CognitiveSEO.

Anyone who’s making their first steps on digital marketing, CognitiveSEO should be one of your bookmarks.

Robin Fray Carey founded Social Media Today in 2007. This blog mainly writes about updates in the social media world. You’ll also find many articles about social media strategies. Their guides are based on the latest social media trends. That alone makes it one of the best consulting blogs for business owners.

Also, their community page allows you to connect with a variety of different digital marketers from around the world.

It didn’t settle with being one of the best Search Engine Marketing devices out there. SEMrush also created one of the best digital marketing blogs. Their topics range from SEO and digital marketing to copywriting and far more.

The wide variety of articles and topics allow almost anyone who visits this blog, to find something helpful.

If you’re looking for a good source on data-driven marketing insights, look no further than BuzzSumo’s blog. The main topics you’re going to find in there are content planning and marketing. Also, you’ll see a lot of articles about blogging and social media. BuzzSumo’s main purpose is to help you create viral content. 

Apart from this, you can also find articles from top content experts, based on SEO social media material.

SaaSHacker is a daily newsletter via email. By subscribing you get a new SaaS Growth story in your inbox you can learn from. They managed to hit almost 2000 subscribers in just a few months.

Nevertheless, their blog releases articles weekly. They mostly write about success stories and strategies to follow in their story’s examples. Undoubtedly a breakout star among digital marketing blogs of 2019.

Favorite SaaSHacker article: “#saashacker SaaS Product?”

Search Engine Land covers a wide variety of digital marketing topics. Mainly it focuses on technology promotion and breaking news on social media. The site was founded by search industry veterans Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman. Third Door Media was in charge of its publication.

Want to improve your online marketing efforts? Browse through Search Engine Land’s articles and find a plethora of strategies from subject matter experts.

Emerging out of the Great Recession’s ashes was Social Media Examiner. It was founded by Michael Stelzner. Its main focus is social media marketing. Additionally, they’re never late on any breaking social media news. Last but not least, you don’t want to miss their podcasts as well.

Their mission: to be “Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle”.

When Rick Perreault founded Unbounce he had one vision. To create a blog where any marketer could visit and get some insight on landing page optimization. And he accomplished just that.

Unbounce is mostly known to people who had to build a landing page at some point. What’s more, they offer some great articles on mobile optimization, pay per click and online marketing.

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