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Maxis Communications or Maxis Berhad is a communications service provider in Malaysia. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, providing a variety of communication products, applications and value added services for consumers, large enterprises and small & medium business owners

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Longterm Logistics

Longterm Logistics is a transportation logistics company providing third party transportation and distribution services (3PL provider). Longterm Logistics is located in Kluang, Johor, and are a privately held, asset based, trucking and warehousing company.

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A direct competitor of Dahmakan , Kadmakan a launching soon Social enterprise start-up company plans to focus on providing a more cost friendly menu to not only cater the middle class but also the B40.


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Ness provides a variety of Spirulina products that are cultivated locally in Singapore. Having their own Spirulina farm, they are able to ensure the quality of their products through controlled environmental conditions and high harvest practice standards. All products are locally packaged,   giving consumers the full confidence on the quality of our products.


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Love Pink Food

A locally home grown Singapore based food delivery service , LovePinkFood want you to have an integral experience, from theminute you place your order, to the moment you receive and open your mealbox, Love Pink Food aim to marry convenience and quality, by the provision of a suite of thoughtfully presented dishes!


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Only Home Expo

With the aim of being the largest home furniture expo in Malaysia , OHE officially launch on 28th of February till 1st March. Surprisingly even with the pandemic started spreading OHE did received a huge turnout. 


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